Dentalpik Pro 60 LCD


Cleaning modes


Pulsation per min

LCD display

All necessary information on the display


Days without recharging

Dentalpik Pro 60 LCD

Modern and technological

all-round cleaning 360

The tip rotates 360 degrees. This allows you to clean the most inaccessible places.

3 cleaning modes

Normal (40 - 90 PSI) - for normal oral cleaning

Soft (20 - 50 PSI) - gently clean the teeth and gum line

Pulse mode (15 - 90 PSI) - effective cleaning and massage of the gums

one bottom

One button to the perfect smile

All dental problems can be solved after pressing one button.

Induction charger

This technology makes it easy to place the Pro 60 irrigator on a charging stand and pick up at any time for use. No metal parts outside. Effective and safe.

6 colors available

You can choose from green, purple, pink, black, blue and gray.

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